Acoustic guitar bluegrass

Josep Traver's La guitarra acùstica: Bluegrass is the first book to be published in Spanish on bluegrass guitar. It is suitable for beginners, as well as for advanced players who want to deepen their knowledge of acoustic folk guitar in general and the bluegrass style in particular.

It covers different aspects of bluegrass guitar: general characteristics, repertoire, accompaniment, chord inversions, harmonic substitutions, improvising, scales, arpeggios, and techniques such as flatpicking, crosspicking, and Carter family style.

The text is divided into nineteen parts of progressive difficulty, so that the sections of most interest to the reader can be treated as independent units.
Format: 74 pages and a CD with 99 audio tracks of all examples. All the exercises are shown in standard notation as well as in tablature.

Price: 23€
Sales: El Argonauta (Madrid), Beethoven and Audenis (Barcelona) Musical 3 and Platero (Badalona), UME from "Centro Comercial Baricentro" (Barberà del Vallès) and at the webs and

Book Sample published by Dinsic.